Conrad Connect Privacy Policy

Protecting Your Personal Information Is Paramount to Us. We know how important the appropriate use of your personal information is to you. This is why we take the protection of our customers’ personal information very seriously. When you visit our website, we routinely collect your IP address, the URL of the page you used to access our site, the URL of any of our site’s internal pages you browse as a part of your visit, the session date and the time you spent on our site. This type of information transfer is depersonalised, and constitutes internet protocol that ensures the safe operation of our servers. We store the details you provide when completing one of our online customer forms on our servers. We only use the information to process your request. We shall keep your personal information strictly confidential, and we will not pass on personal information to any third party. Data protection responsibilities and accountability: Conrad Connect GmbH Klaus Conrad Strasse 1 92240 Hirschau Germany

Personal Information.

Personal information is any information that renders an individual identifiable. It includes among other things your name, your address, and your email address. You may browse our webpage without providing any personal or otherwise sensitive information. However, in some cases, we may ask you to provide your name, your address and other related details to ensure a timely and smooth delivery of the services requested by you.

This also applies if we send you any information explicitly requested by you, or if we reply to any enquiries made by you. We will, however, notify you accordingly. Moreover, we only store data provided by you voluntarily or being automatically generated when using our platform.

Whenever you use one of our services, we only collect the data necessary to deliver the service. We may ask you for further details which you may or may not provide. Also, we shall only process your personal information to deliver our services or meet our business objectives. 

Collection of Non-personal Data.

Internet protocol requires collecting a certain type of information every time someone visits our website. This information includes the type and version of the browser used, the time and date of the visit, and the IP address of the visitor.

This information constitutes de-personalised  data that is used for producing web analysis reports, and for optimising our online services. All non-personal information is stored separately from your personal details and cannot be correlated to other data in order to identify you as an individual. This means your personal information is protected at all times.



A cookie is a little text file created on your computer when browsing our webpage. Cookies are not software. They cannot be programmed, don’t contain malware and cannot be used to obtain any personal data. We use cookies solely to collect your IP address in order to recognise you instantly when you are visiting our website again, to improve the user-friendliness of our site.

If you do not agree with Conrad Connect using cookies you can usually modify your browser setting to decline cookies. If you wish to do so, go to the Extras menu of your browser and select “Settings” or “Internet Options” and follow the instructions. However, declining cookies means that certain functional aspects of our webpage may no longer be available to you.    

Google Tag Manager.

We use Google Tag Manager (GTM) for tracking and analytics. GTM does not collect any personal information. It is a tool that automatically updates the code snippets of tags that, in turn, may collect sensitive information. GTM does not use these data. However, even if you decline cookies or deactivate URL-based session tracking, tags managed via GTM will still be enabled. For more details, see    

DoubleClick by Google.

We use DoubleClick, an ad serving service provided by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. DoubleClick by Google uses cookies to personalise ads. Your browser is assigned a pseudonymous ID used to track the ads that have been served to your browser and to identify those you’ve clicked. The cookies enable Google and its partners to select and display ads based on your browsing behavior on websites including ours. They do not collect any personal details. The collected information will be transferred to Google’s US-based mainframe. Google fully complies with the Privacy Shield framework implemented by The European Union and the US Department of Commerce. Google does not pass on this information to any third party unless required by law, or for data processing purposes required by the client. Furthermore, the information will not be correlated in any way to any other data collected by Google. By using our website you agree to Google collecting and processing information to the extent and for the purposes mentioned above.

If you do not agree with Google using cookies you can modify your browser setting to decline cookies. However, declining cookies means that certain functional aspects of our webpage may no longer be available to you. Moreover, you can object to data being collected, transferred and processed by Google by downloading a browser plug-in that deactivates DoubleClick. Alternatively, go to the Digital Advertising Alliance webpage and disable DoubleClick.

Google AdWords Conversion Tracking.

This site uses ad conversion tracking services provided by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. Google uses cookies created on your computer to analyse your browsing behavior. Conversion tracking cookies are created as a result of you clicking on one of the adverts served by Google and remain active for a time period of thirty (30) days. Cookies used for conversion tracking do not collect any personal information. If you do not agree with your browsing activities being tracked by Google, you can change your browser settings in order to block all cookies from You may also exercise your right to opt out of tracking by visiting If you would like to find out more about how conversion tracking works, and your options when it comes to preventing Google from using cookie-based information, check out

Google Remarketing.

We use a remarketing tool provided by provided by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. The tool helps personalising adverts based on individual visitor preference within the Google Display Network. We use this automated service to show you products you may be interested in, with the ads chosen on the basis of your clicking behavior when browsing our website during your most recent visit.  The service uses cookies created on your computer that help recognise you when you re-visit websites that are members of the Google Display Network. A cookie is a little text file created on your computer when browsing our webpage. Google collects your URL request, your IP address, browser type, and language as well as time and date of the visit. This information is used to identify the browser on a computer which, in turn, enables Google Display Network to pick and show ads based on content viewed on websites that also employ the remarketing tool during your previous browser session. If you have previously agreed to your browser history and your Google account being synchronised (, and to your Google account details being used to show you personalised ads, Google’s remarketing tool will be enabled across a range of devices. This means that Google uses your Google ID to recognise you on different mobile devices, but does not collect any personal information in the process. If you do not agree with Google collecting information to be used in its remarketing tool, you can disable the tool by making the necessary changes to the Google ad settings at         

Google Analytics (Depersonalised).

We use Google Analytics (GA), a web stats service offered by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. Google Analytics uses cookies, i.e. little text files created on your computer that monitor your browsing behavior on our website. The cookies collect visitor data including the date and time of your visit, where you are based, the number of times you visited our site, and your IP address, transferring the information to the Google™ mainframe based in the US. However, our site uses Google Analytics with visitor IP address anonymization in compliance with EU regulations. This means that IP addresses located in all member states of the EU will be truncated and, thus, anonymized before being transferred to the Google mainframe. Google uses the collected data to produce web analysis reports for us and to provide additional services related to the use of websites and browsers. Google does not pass on this information to any third party unless required by law, or for data to be processed by parties contracted by Google. Also, Google stresses that, as a rule, IP addresses will not be correlated in any way to any other data that may be collected by Google. If you object to Google collecting data related to your use of our website, please adjust your browser settings accordingly. However, this may prevent our site from functioning properly.

Moreover, Google offers an Opt-out Add-on for all major browsers that allow you to limit the kind of information Google can collect when you visit a website. Basically, this add-on tells Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js) not to transfer any visitor data to Google Analytics. However, the add-on does not prevent user data being forwarded to us, or to web stat services other than Google that we may choose to use on our site. More details about the add-on, and how to install it, are available at

If you are viewing our site on a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet, and if you want to prevent your browsing behavior from being tracked by Google Analytics you need to click here . The link also constitutes a working alternative to the above-mentioned browser add-on. Clicking the link creates an opt-out cookie that specifically applies to the URL and the browser you use. Deleting the browser history also results in the cookie being deleted, means you need to click the link again to opt out of GA tracking.  


Facebook Connect.

We use Facebook Connect (aka “Login with Facebook”), a service provided by Facebook Inc, 1601 S California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA. By clicking the button you will be redirected to the Facebook homepage and prompted to log in using your username and password. We do not collect your login details. If you are already logged on to Facebook, this step will be skipped. Afterwards, Facebook tells you what type of information will be shared with us (profile visible to the public, list of FB friends, email address and your current residence). You agree to this by clicking OK. We use the data to set up your customer account. However, we do not store the list of your FB friends. Furthermore, there will be no permanent synchronisation between your customer account and your FB account. For more details on how Facebook collects and processes your personal information, please refer to Facebook’s Privacy Policy.       

Custom Audience Pixel.

We use Custom Audience Pixel, a service provided by Facebook Inc., that enables us to show personalise ads to people visiting our webpage whilst being logged on to Facebook. In order to do so, we have added  Facebook’s  Pixel code snippet to the header of our webpage which establishes a link to Facebook’s servers, telling Facebook that you have visited our webpage. Facebook adds this information to your FB account. For more details about how Facebook collects and uses your personal data, and what you can do to protect your sensitive information, please refer to Facebook’s privacy policy available at Alternatively, you can object to Facebook showing you personalised ads using this link:

Facebook Pixel.

We use Pixel, a Facebook tool that helps use optimise our advertising on the social network pages operated by Facebook Inc, 1601 S California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA. You have agreed to the use of the tool by ticking “I agree to the use of Facebook Pixel”. Facebook Pixel supports the statistical analysis and impact assessment of ads displayed on Facebook in the context of marketing research. We only receive depersonalised data that do not render visitors identifiable. However, as Facebook stores and processes the data, this enables Facebook to correlate the information to user profiles and use them for its own marketing activities (see Facebook Privacy Policy at In this context, you may enable Facebook and any third party contracted by Facebook to personalise ads both on Facebook and on Facebook. This may include a cookie being created on your computer.

You can only consent to the use of Facebook Pixel if you are over 13 years of age. If you are still under 13 years of age, you will need to get permission from your parents or legal guardian. If you want to opt out of Facebook Pixels, use this link:


Nanorep is an online customer support, helpdesks, and customer relationship management platform, using bots, machine learning, automation and GUIs to compile a knowledge database accessible to customer service teams, company employees and customers from across the board. Nanorep is operated by LogMeIn Inc., 333 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02210, USA, and provides the services listed below.

i) Smart virtual customer solution that collects, contextualises and maintains personalised company information extracted from replies to enquires, decision trees and database content;

ii) Interactive tool that matches customer or staff enquiries to content stored in the knowledge database;

iii) AI knowledge database that collects enquires and memorises the replies;    

iv) Publishing tool that monitors responses to tickets, samples the replies and feeds them into the knowledge database;

v) Customer queue manager based on a learning algorithm, intent analysis and structured rules;

vi) Analysis tool that helps assess and optimise procedures. More details available at

Important Privacy Disclaimer: As Nanorep is now operated by the LogMeIn group, the LogMeIn Privacy Policy applies which also includes the policy addendum below.

Data collection: Nanorep collects customer enquiries and subscriber replies communicated via the platform that may, given the nature of the interaction, contain personal information. Nanorep forms used by customers are set up by the subscriber to the Nanorep services. Therefore, it is the subscriber’s responsibility to ensure that customer forms are set up in a way that either renders providing personal information unnecessary, or minimises the amount that needs to be provided or puts measures in place to conceal sensitive customer information. Furthermore, subscribers to Nanorep services are responsible for making customers aware of the measures put in place to protect their personal information.

Tracking: Disclaimer in compliance with the Online Privacy Protection Act, State of California, USA:

  • Over time, Nanorep may collect information from customers visiting websites that subscribe to Nanorep services;
  • Nanorep does neither accept nor conform with Do-Not-Track requests, or comparative online privacy protection measures, offered by third parties and allowing customers to opt out of data concerning their online activities being collected over time.              


Conrad Connect.

Conrad Connect is an online platform that enables interconnecting and managing different brands of smart electronic products. In order to do so, you need to log on to Conrad Connect via a PC or mobile device which results in personal information being collected in the process. We know how important the appropriate use of your personal information is to you. Means we will only use this information in full compliance with both Germany’s Federal Data Protection Act, and the Federal Media Privacy Act. How precisely we make sure your personal information is protected is outlined below.

Conrad Connect allows you to change and monitor the settings of a variety of devices via the internet. When signing up for the service, we collect and store the information. For more details on what type of information may be collected by the manufacturer of an individual product, please refer to the Privacy Policy of the respective manufacturer. We do not store your name and address.            

User data that is accumulated through your use of our services may be disclosed by us in anonymised
format to third parties. Anonymised data cannot be used to draw any conclusions about individuals and
is therefore not subject to the restrictions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In view of
this, anonymised data can be processed, used and disclosed without restriction.

Einsatz von AddThis.

Wir setzen auf unserer Website den Bookmark-Dienst ein. AddThis ist ein Service der Clearspring Technologies Inc., 8000 Westpark Drive, Suite 625, McLean, VA 2210, USA. Bei jedem einzelnen Abruf unserer Webseite, die mit einer solchen „AddThis“-Komponente ausgestattet ist, veranlasst diese Komponente, dass der von Ihnen verwendete Browser eine entsprechende Darstellung der Komponente von herunterlädt. Durch diesen Vorgang wird darüber in Kenntnis gesetzt, welche konkrete Seite unseres Internetauftrittes durch Sie gerade besucht wird. Weiter erhält Kenntnis über Ihre IP-Adresse, den Browsertyp, die Browsersprache, die zuvor aufgerufene Webseite sowie das Datum sowie die Uhrzeit Ihres Webseitenbesuchs, um mit diesen Daten anonymisierte Nutzerprofile zu erstellen. Diese Daten ermöglichen es AddThis und dessen Partner Unternehmen, die Besucher unserer Internetseite gezielt mit personalisierter, interessenbezogener Werbung anzusprechen. Die Einblendung der Werbemittel erfolgt dabei auf Basis des durch gesetzten Browser-Cookie, das das Nutzungsverhalten des Webseitensbesuchers analysiert. Sie können der Setzung des Cookies dauerhaft widersprechen, indem Sie den unter folgendem Link verfügbaren Opt-Out-Cookie herunterladen und installieren:
Wir weisen Sie jedoch darauf hin, dass Sie in diesem Fall gegebenenfalls nicht sämtliche Funktionen unserer Website vollumfänglich nutzen können. Unter der nachstehenden Internetadresse finden Sie die Datenschutzhinweise von AddThis mit Informationen zur Erhebung und Nutzung von Daten durch AddThis:

Data Protection.

We have taken suitable physical and electronic, organisational and technical measures to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, damage or loss of your personal information. Both, our members of staff and our suppliers are providing services in full compliance with the current data protection laws.

We encrypt all personal information we collect and process prior to the transfer, thereby ensuring that no third party can access your data. Moreover, we are continually improving our safety measures aimed at protection your details, regularly updating our Privacy Policy in the process. Please make sure you are always referring to the latest version.     

Policy Amendments.

We reserve the right to amend this policy at any time, particularly if new information technology should require us to do so. Please make sure you always refer to our latest policy version. All significant changes to our Privacy Policy will be announced on our webpage. 

Enquiries and Notifications.

If you have any questions about the protection of your personal information at Conrad Connect or would like to request the personal data we hold about you to be deleted, please contact

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