What are the benefits of partnering with Conrad Connect?

What are the benefits of partnering with Conrad Connect?


You get great visibility by introducing your product or service to the Conrad Connect community - consisting of people and businesses all highly interested in IoT.



You can provide additional value to your customers by enabling them Conrad Connect compatibility with a lot of extra features and wide range of compatible devices.



Don't worry about spending your valuable resources on product integration. By integrating with Conrad Connect, we take care of this for you so you can
concentrate on making your own products great.



Your product will be presented in Conrad Connect marketing materials such as our website, newsletters, social media, and more.


Interested in becoming our Partner?

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What is needed to become a partner?


A state of the art cloud based solution: smart device, mobile or web application
A documented REST API to enable cloud-to-cloud integration supported by OAuth authentication.
Ongoing support during and after your on-boarding to maximize onboarding speed and the business benefits of cooperation.


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