Everything for a safe and comfortable home.


A complete smart home.

PRO Series is here to make life more easy with smart solutions. Secure your home with a smart safety kit with door contact or get an early notification if a fire occurs through our smart smoke detector. These are just some examples from the extensive range. The PRO Series has many solutions that are all connected so you just need one hub and app.


Control your lighting

Light is the most important mood setter in your home. With the PRO Series comfort sets you can change the atmosphere for any occasion. Change the color of your lights from work to relax mode and dim them for a romantic evening. All with a remote control or your smartphone. Set schedule’s based on time or the sunset in the app. Bring light into your life.


Keep your loved ones safe

Home is the most important place there is. Keep your home and your family safe with one of PRO Series safety sets. A smoke detector can save lives by warning you with sound, but what if you are not at home? With a smart smoke detector you will receive warnings on your smartphone so you can immediately act and notify your family or neighbors. The same goes for the smart water detector. Get that safe feeling anytime.


Monitor your usage

Energy is limited. Not only your own energy but also the energy sources around us. The PRO Series Energy Set enables you to change the way you use energy. You can monitor all appliances that are plugged into an energy socket in the HomeWizard Link App so you know their usage. Set easy schedules or turn your appliances on and off in the app. With the dimmer socket you can dim and control your non-smart lights by remote and app as well. Life your best life.


Clean every spot

Take the hassle out of cleaning and let the Princess Deluxe Robot Vacuum Cleaner do all the hard work for you! With smart sensor technology, the vacuum detects edges allowing the vacuum to move around chairs, tables and large objects efficiently.