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Homematic IP

Smart Living, Simply Exciting.


So, what exactly can your smart home do?

With Homematic IP, you can automate all areas just the way you like: heating and climate control, light and shade, security and surveillance, weather and environment.

Homematic IP is easy to install, considerable in its functions and unmatched in its high security standards. You can decide yourself what is important to you: home control, automation, individual time profiles or a combination of them all.


Homematic IP Radiator Thermostat

The Homematic IP Radiator Thermostat helps to reduce energy costs. The smart thermostat replaces existing radiator thermostats, enabling energy savings of up to 30 %. The Homematic IP Radiator Thermostat can be easily installed on existing vales without having to intervene in the heating system. After setting up the device, the desired room temperature can be regulated directly via the radiator thermostat itself, via the Homematic IP Wall Thermostat or Homematic IP app.


Homematic IP Motion Detector with Brightness Sensor - indoor

The Homematic IP Motion Detector reliably detects movements as well as ambient brightness changes. The small motion detector can be used as alarm sensor within the Homematic IP system. Furthermore, it can be used for switching lights depending on the brightness level by connecting the device with other Homematic IP products via the free smartphone app.


Homematic IP Pluggable Switch and Meter

The Homematic IP Pluggable Switch and Meter offers flexible switching of electrical devices using time profiles or manually from a remote location while measuring the energy consumption at the same. To start up the device, it simply has to be plugged into a socket and added to the Homematic IP system. The compact pluggable switch can be used for controlling an electrical heater as well as for switching other electrical consumers as, for example, a floor lamp.