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Connect Common
Smart Devices

With the free Conrad Connect system, you can start connecting common smart devices already in use around your business. With products from Philips, Osram, Innogy, RWE, and more - you wont have to worry about being able to find compatible devices. We’re expanding our compatibility every day, to make things more convenient and connected for you.

Monitor & Protect
Your Business

We know that business owners want to stay informed. With the Conrad Connect dashboards, it’s easy to keep an eye on things. By setting custom rules for SMS and email alerts, you’ll know what’s happening with your business wherever you are. Connecting cameras and security systems such as Myfox to your dashboards will take the security of your business to the next level.

Save Energy, Save Money

The uses for Conrad Connect are only limited by your imagination. Imagine never having to remember to turn off the lights and equipment when the last person leaves the office. Connecting your lights and power plugs to Conrad Connect and setting a custom rule so that the last employee triggers a shut-down procedure is a small step that can save your business big money.

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