Smart Living Model Project "Kinderhaus"


Conrad Connect is more than a smart home or smart office: The Smart Living platform can also help other non-office businesses with automated smart device projects -…

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Conrad Connect as an alternative to Stringify


News: From July 1st, 2019 on, the Stringify App will no longer exist!

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The Conrad Smart Ordering Service


We are excited to announce that a completely new type of service is available on Conrad Connect.

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Announcement - CarConnect is compatible

Together with CarConnect, you can create exciting projects by linking your car to your Smart Home and automating many tasks.
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10 Ways the Internet of Things Is Helping You Free up Time in Your Life


Our 10 IoT projects help you to free up time at home and at work: More relaxed at home. Less stressed at work.

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Developing Services for the World’s First-ever IoT App Store


New Conrad Connect Service Marketplace Portal for IoT Developers: Conrad Connect’s Service Marketplace portal allows developers to set up pioneering IoT services, and

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Data Insights #2: Conrad Connect Users More Active Despite December Weight Gain


The second instalment of our Insights focuses on smart fitness equipment owned by members of the Conrad Connect Community.

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Smart Fitness: Your Home as Your Workout Partner


Smart fitness with activity trackers suitable for smart homes: Making activity trackers part of home automation systems keeps you motivated both during worko

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10 Rules for Choosing an IoT Platform


IoT platforms form the backbone of any home, office or factory automation. No surprise that there are plenty to choose from. Confused?

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Music In Your Smart Home: Services, Speakers & Accessories

With an automated music control, you make the right sound. Directing Spotify and Sonos perfectly - Conrad Connect makes it possible.
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