Intelligent IoT Messaging with WhatsApp und Viber


The new service from Unified Inbox makes smart messaging on your smartphone a reality. Make chatting with your smart devices as easy as chatting with your friends!

Control devices via Text and voice

Use voice and text messages to remotely control your devices over the most popular communication channels or receive notifications about your Conrad Connect projects. This finally eliminates the hassle of searching and opening different apps for each device. With Natural Language Processing (NLP), Unified Inbox's Intelligent IoT Messaging even recognizes your voice messages and can control your smart devices and applications through WhatsApp or Viber without the need for another app.

The intelligent IoT Messaging Service is now available for free for 30 days at the Conrad Connect Service Marketplace. Then it costs 1.99 € a month, without limiting the number of devices and projects.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Communicate easily to your devices via text and voice
  • Use the Messenger you love (WhatsApp or Viber)
  • Control all devices and projects remotely all the time
  • No external hardware needed
  • Privacy - the service doesn't listen to you and your family all the time


Control your Conrad Connect projects directly from your WhatsApp or Viber by voice, and send notifications to your contacts.

Interested? Then join us, it’s FREE!

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