The Conrad Smart Ordering Service

We are excited to announce that a completely new type of service is available on Conrad Connect. This is a smart Order Service, which enables you and your devices to initiate a predefined order in an online shop. Don’t worry, before an order is actually placed in the shop, you have to give your approval either inside your email or on the phone. Today, we are launching the smart ordering service with Conrad Electronic in Germany. Other countries and shops will follow in the future as well.

    Why it’s useful

    Two reasons: time saving and convenience. You can save a lot of time buying goods for your home or business if you are informed about it at the right moment of need. In other words, you can proactively purchase goods which you know you’ll need soon. On the other hand, smart ordering enables you to order goods in the predefined quantities which eliminates the hassle to go to the shop and selecting the items over and over again. Be it either by simply pressing a button or by smart devices initiating the order themselves, smart ordering service will make your life easier and smarter. Again, no order will be actually placed unless you review and explicitly approve it. So there is no risk of ordering goods accidentally.

    service marketplace sos

    We believe Smart Ordering Service opens a totally new world of opportunities. On the one hand, you could easily trigger the order by an action button and mimic the functionalities of a popular Amazon Dash button or go one step further and let your devices initiate the order at the right moment of time, based on the information they collect. Imagine your device initiating an order of a new set of batteries when it’s batteries will be dead in a few days or your camera initiating an order for a new SD card when the current one failed? Yes, this is possible and very exciting, so let’s dive into basics and see how to get this right.

    service marketplace smart ordering service

    How it works

    For now, this service works only in Germany and with Conrad Electronic shop but we are working hard to include other countries and other retail shops as well.

    Things you need for using the Conrad Smart Ordering Service:

    • Your customer number of the shop. Once you create an account, please log in to and click on ‘My Account(Mein Konto)’ button in order to see your unique number
    Conrad Smart Ordering Service Konto Conrad
    • Delivery address in Germany for receiving the ordered goods.

    Set up the service

    1. Go to the Conrad Smart Ordering Service on the Service Marketplace. Click on ‘Subscribe’ button and follow the instructions. The pop-up wizard will guide you to complete the information about the delivery address, billing address and payments method. This needs to be done only once.
    2. Now it’s time to build a project which will initiate the order by Conrad based on different triggers. We’ll define the number and type of products inside the project.

    When you start creating a new project in the project editor, you will see under the actuator’s list a new actuator called Conrad Smart Ordering Service

    Conrad Smart Ordering Service Aktor Liste


    Now drag and drop it to the project editor area. For simplicity let’s connect it with the action button sensor. This means every time you manually activate the project, the order will be initiated. Once you are done, the Project should look like this:

    Conrad Smart Ordering Service action button


    Finally, click on the actuator and set it up by entering the order numbers of the products you wish to order and the quantity. For any given product, you will find the product order number on the product pages on the shop.

    Conrad Smart Ordering Service Produkt wählen


    Now if you activate the project the order will be initiated and you will receive an email and an SMS for confirmation. Conrad will process your order, only after you approved it

    What types of projects to create

    Action button projects can be very useful if you are ordering certain types of products such as building materials, resistors or soldering elements on a regular basis. On the other hand, you can connect the order service actuator directly with the devices so they initiate the purchase order based on the sensors they have.

    For example, you can use the Nest smoke detector’s battery state as a trigger to initiate the order of batteries by Conrad. This means, every time Nest signals that the battery is low, new batteries will be ordered, what you would just have to confirm. The project would look like this:

    Conrad Smart Ordering Service nest battery


    Interested in other smart use cases for your home and your business? You can find more projects here.

    This is a first step in developing the smart retailing 2.0. Even though this service is available only in Germany and only for Conrad now, we are working hard to add other retailers and other countries as well. So stay tuned and enjoy smart living with Conrad Connect.