Smart Home Security Systems: Feel Safe in Your Home



Smart home security is easy, but there are a few smart home security essentials for beginners: how to protect your home against intruders, fire, and water.


Smart Lighting: Perfect Illumination Made Easy


How smart lighting works, what you get, and what’s required. Smart lighting as part of home automation helps you get the illumination levels you need. We show you what to look for.

Announcement: Spotify is compatible



Do you use Spotify every day and love to find the right music for every moment? Whether for work, exercise, party or relax, with Spotify Premium the right music is always available for you. And now together with Conrad Connect Spotify can be integrated even smarter in your musical life!



Spotify as even smarter musical companion in your everyday life

Smart Thermostats for Intelligent Heating Control


Smarten up your heating: more comfort, lower utility bills. Smart heating controls increase home comfiness and reduce energy consumption. Fitting thermostats and setting up automated procedures is easy. This is how it’s done.

Homematic IP Competition

Win an Homematic IP Award for Your Smart Home Project!

Indoors, outdoors, boosting home comfiness, making day-to-day life easier - joined by Homematic IP, we are looking for some of the really clever home automation solutions you came up with. And to make sharing your projects worthwile, there are ten fantastic Homematic IP prizes up for grabs. 

Announcement - CarConnect is compatible

What is CarConnect?

CarConnect from Telekom Deutschland GmbH is a smart car adapter which turns your car into your personal hotspot in no time. You can use up to 5 devices simultaneously with up to 10 GB of high-speed data volume. Stream and browse while you are traveling as you would at home. Additionally, you can track your car right from your smartphone: the CarConnect app will inform you immediately when your parked car is disturbed, towed or stolen.

Data Insights #1: The colder it's outside, the worse the air gets inside


It's a well-known fact that staying indoors for a long period of time without airing the building may cause tiredness and a decrease in productivity. Still, a lot of households and offices don't ventilate often enough, when it's cold outside, in order to avoid high CO2 consistency in the air. Conrad Connect has identified a correlation between indoor CO2 and outdoor temperature, which proves exactly this fact.

WiFi Plugs: An Easy Way to Automate Your Home


WiFi plugs are an easy and economic way of making your home really smart. We explain the most common types and show you how to use them.

How to use Google sheets with Conrad Connect

Conrad Connect enables you not only to visualize your data on dashboards but also record it in the Google sheets. This is a great tool if you are keen on having a deep dive in your data: analyze it or visualize by building various charts and diagrams.

How to get started

First, go to the Devices & Service section on the top menu bar and find Google sheets.


Conrad Connect IoT Service Hackathon

When: 8th December 2018, 9:30 - 19:00

Where: Conrad Connect HQ - Am Karlsbad 15, 10785 Berlin

Updated: 12/10/2018

On 8th of December, the first Conrad Connect hackathon took place in our office. 8 participants in total gathered to work on new IoT solution ideas. In the evening the ideas were presented to the jury and the winners were announced. Here is a short photo update from the event: