Win smart security sets!

Present your security use case and win smart prizes of Egardia and Philips Hue!

Do you have a favorite security use case with your smart devices? Then post it as a project on the Conrad Connect platform and win great prizes!

To take part in the competition on Conrad Connect, you only need to own at least one Egardia or Philips Hue device and publish your projects from August 13th to September 30th. 

More details on the conditions of the competition can be found at the end of this page.*


New feature - Shopping cart


  • Launch of a new feature - shopping cart
  • Browse projects and easily and efficiently purchase the missing smart products

We are excited to announce our latest feature release - shopping cart. This feature is similar to other shopping carts you will find on any online shopping website. You can put inside the products you like, save them for later or go directly to checkout and purchase them.

In case you’ve missed it so far on the platform, here is how it looks:

IFA 2018 with Conrad Connect


  • Conrad Connect launches a Service Marketplace for IFA 2018

  • For the first time it is possible to connect devices and real life services with one another

  • New use cases and more about the platform features can be discovered in the Smart Home Hall 6.2 at the booth 102

Conrad Connect Community

Conrad Connect Community - JOIN NOW!

Our mission is to connect everything around the Internet of Things, creating automated and meaningful experiences for your life. Engaging people and providing guidance is an important part of our philosophy. That’s why we’ve created a place where you can discuss, learn and share all things IoT – the Conrad Connect Community.
Take advantage and share your thoughts, learn about IoT, talk to other enthusiasts and help the community!


New premium services


Conrad Connect is a smart living platform where you can connect different devices and services together, create automated projects and use dashboards.

In order to enable you to go beyond current platform limitations, we created new premium services that are already available for a purchase. By purchasing them you can add more of each services to your account and use them according to your needs.

Curious? Check them out

1. Click on Service Marketplace

Automate home and fully enjoy vacation

Use multiple devices together

How to activate projects via WhatsApp and Viber


Amazing news! We’ve recently integrated a new service - Unified Inbox. It allows you to easily activate the action button projects and send WhatsApp and Viber messages with Conrad Connect. If you are not familiar with the action button concept and how it works, you can read an introduction here. Below you will learn how to connect the service, how to run action button projects and how to use WhatsApp and Viber as actuator in the projects.

How to publish a project

The set of automation rules or simply projects are the core of Conrad Connect. A project connects several devices and services together and creates an automated scenario which can be triggered manually by the user or automatically if certain requirements are met.

Sharing the projects with other people on Conrad Connect enables you to get a feedback, improve it based on others’ ideas and simply support the community.

In order to publish a project, go to ‘My projects’ and select a project and click ‘Publish’.

Win innogy Devices for Your Smart Home!


Today from 2 pm an exciting 'HowTo' contest starts in the innogy community - in cooperation with Conrad Connect.

Build a project and win fantastic prizes!


Do you have a favorite use case with the OSRAM SMART+ lights? Then build it as a project on the Conrad Connect platform for a chance to win fantastic prizes!